New Star is proud to introduce 4 NEW LED products.   In our Healthcare line, Dos+1StarMed Downlight and AuraMed Classic.  In our Specialty line, we have added the STWL4 TRES, the first in our StairWell category.  Each of our NEW LED products have a wide variety of configurations and options.

XP Tri-Proof

Xp Tri-proof Linear

Vivarium StarClean 12-14

Starclean Vivarium Series 12-14

StarTile 22-24 Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light®, Inc.

Vara Kamin LED Surface, Grid, Flange Startile

StarMed DOS + 1 22-24 Grid / Flange

Patient Room 3 Compartment Luminaire Grid Flourescent/LED

StarMed 6 LED Round HealthCare

Patient Room Luminaire LED

StarMed 6 LED Round CleanRoom

Patient Room Luminaire LED

StarClean V

Grid/flange Luminaire/LED


Linear Luminaire LED

AuraMed Classic 22-24 Grid & Flange

Glarefree Grid & Flange Luminaire Fluorescent/LED