StarTile 22-24 Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light®, Inc.


New Star Lighting is proud to offer Images from Vara Kamin’s Impressions of Light®Inc (VKI). VKI specializes in unlocking the body’s innate healing capacities.

Replicated from Kamin’s original works of art and rich in color, movement and texture, the VKI Images provide a positive point of focus by stimulating active imagination and inviting the viewer to a place of self-reflection.

  • Surface, Grid or Flange edge lit LED luminaire
  • Extruded aluminum or CRS housing
  • 6 VKI Images to choose from
  • VKI Images provide: Natural Healing, A soothing state, and Self-nurturing capabilities


  • Clinical Care Settings
  • Pre-and Post-Sedation Rooms
  • Emergency Department
  • Patient Exam & Holding Rooms
  • Radiology Suites
  • Family Grief Rooms
  • Meditation Chapels
  • Wellness Centers
  • Medi-Spas
  • Specialty Dental Operatory


23.77" x 23.77" x 1"

Vara Kamin LED Surface, Grid, Flange Startile


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