VR Architectural

New Star’s VR Architectural line combines the rugged strength of our High Abuse line with high end design. This is where form meets function – all VR Architectural fixtures are inspired by a desire for clean and simple lines while withstanding all forms of abuse - from “mother nature” to vandalism. These fixtures not only have aesthetic appeal, but will be able to perform in the most demanding applications. We take extra pride in providing these durable lighting solutions that always perform while “looking good.” A large majority of our VR Architectural fixtures are available in LED.

The New Star Team understands the need for reliability of lighting products in demanding environments; therefore, we offer the New Star Promise and will stand behind our products. Look to New Star for cutting edge solutions, excellent quality and superior value.

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New Star Cleanroom fixtures are designed for use in medical settings, labs, hi-tech production facilities, food processing facilities and areas where hygiene is critical. These luminaires may be used in both laminar and turbulent airflow patterned rooms. New Star’s design allows for minimal maintenance and has smooth surface areas for easy cleaning. We offer these fixtures in various materials such as cold rolled steel (CRS), stainless steel and aluminum for every Cleanroom application with two styles of door frames to meet all of your application needs. New Star's Cleanroom fixtures are IP65, ISO4 and are also available in LED.

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Healthcare lighting solutions have many unique requirements and New Star has developed a line of fixtures to be used in medical applications that meet these precise demands. New Star Healthcare luminaires are more than just basic illumination sources. They must perform a multitude of tasks from containing and mitigating radio and EMI emissions, which can interfere with critical technology, down to enduring various cleaning and sterilization processes. Keeping environments contained and preventing contamination from escaping through the luminaire itself is a design priority you can depend on with the Healthcare product line. New Star is continuously researching and leading product development in this ever changing industry and is the manufacturer of choice for any medical lighting need. A large majority of our Healthcare fixtures are available in LED.

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High Abuse

New Star's line of High Abuse lighting is designed for areas that may be at risk for vandalism. For twenty years, New Star has been providing fixtures that endure a broad range of harsh applications. Superior engineering and progressive manufacturing operations combine to produce high quality, long lasting fixtures that will continue to operate under the most severe field conditions. High Abuse luminaires are ideal in areas that are unmanned and not under constant surveillance. These fixtures keep these areas free from repeated outages and reduce liability from exposed or broken electrical components.

To demonstrate that the New Star Team understands the need for reliability of lighting products in demanding environments, we offer the New Star Promise. Our promise will repair or replace any High Abuse fixture when installed according to our instructions for the life of the original installation if the fixture should fail due to physical abuse. Look to New Star for innovative solutions, peak performance, highest quality and best value. A large majority of our High Abuse fixtures are available in LED.

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New Star has optimal lighting solutions for correctional facility high security areas. These fixtures are designed specifically for correctional use and are engineered to withstand intense abuse by inmates. These fixtures prevent unauthorized access. No part of the fixture may be turned into a weapon or tool, and the maximum security fixtures have contraband mitigation preventing the fixture from becoming a concealment location. New Star's line of confinement lighting offers a wide range of selections from maximum security luminaires for inmate cells to fixtures designed for public security hallway ceilings. These fixtures suit many applications with a wide range of gauge thicknesses, lens composition and styles. For twenty years New Star has been providing confinement luminaires built with pride in the USA. All Confinement fixtures are available in LED.

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New Star’s Specialty items allow for specific and unique lighting needs. We offer standard products with various modifications up to complete one of a kind, non-standard luminaires. Specialty products include diverse, custom items made especially for your particular project, including LED. A sampling of our customized products are here. This is where New Star lighting excels at meeting you unique illumination requirements.

We support all of our customers and their deadlines to make their lighting project happen successfully.

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