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    AuraMed Classic Multi-Function

    AACH22, AACH24

    New Star Lighting’s AuraMed Classic Multi-Function (AACH) Series provides reading, ambient and exam functions for patient room applications. The AACH has an optional doorframe and lens that provide a flat wipe-down surface for easy cleaning


      • Intended for Patient Rooms, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Clinics, and more
      • Provides reading, ambient and exam illumination
      • Low Voltage Control options provide lighting control interface to a pillow speaker, bed side rail or other low voltage devices
      • Optional doorframe and lens provides a flat wipe-down surface for easy cleaning
      • This product was Made in America and complies with the Buy American Act requirements


    NursesNurses' Station
    NursesPatient Rooms


    Spec Sheet IES File Revit File Installation
    AACH22, AACH24 Download AACH22, AACH24 spec-sheet Download AACH22, AACH24 ies-file