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Healthcare Luminaires

New Star Lighting has designed a line of luminaires to meet the demands and specifications for the healthcare market. These luminaires provide proper illuminance levels while simultaneously performing a multitude of tasks from containing and mitigating EMI interference to enduring various cleaning and sterilization processes. New Star Lighting is continuously researching and leading product development in this ever-changing industry and is the manufacturer of choice for any medical lighting need.

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Cleanroom Luminaires

New Star Lighting Cleanroom fixtures are designed for use in laboratories, high-tech manufacturing facilities, food processing facilities and areas where hygiene is critical. These luminaires may be used in both laminar and turbulent airflow patterned rooms. New Star Light’s design allows for minimal maintenance and has smooth surface areas for easy cleaning.

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High Abuse Luminaires

For over thirty years, New Star has been providing fixtures that endure a broad range of harsh applications. Superior engineering and progressive manufacturing operations combine to produce high quality, durable luminaires that will continue to operate under the most severe field conditions. High Abuse luminaires are ideal in areas that are unmanned and not under constant surveillance. These fixtures keep these areas free from repeated outages and reduce liability from exposed or broken electrical components.

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Transportation Luminaires

Transportation lighting solutions must have safety and security at the forefront of design while providing proper illuminance levels for each application. From parking garages to airport terminals, New Star Lighting features durable fixtures that can withstand high abuse while meeting or exceeding illuminance specifications.

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Commercial Luminaires

New Star Lighting's energy-efficient commercial lighting fixtures offers a practical and reliable lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our durable fixtures are ideal for schools/universities, office space as well as warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

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Correctional Luminaires

With over 30 years in the correctional industry, New Star Lighting offers an extensive line of luminaires built to withstand the highest levels of abuse while providing safe and proper illumination levels. These luminaires come in a variety of gauges, lensing options and styles that are suitable for Minimum security to Super-Maximum facilities.

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