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    New Star Promise Warranty

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    To demonstrate that the New Star Team understands the need for reliability of lighting products in demanding Environments, we offer the New Star Promise. Our promise will repair or replace any High Abuse or VR architectural fixture when installed according to our instructions for the life of the original installation if the fixture should fail due to physical abuse*.

    Warranty Statement

    In addition to the New Star Promise*, all fixtures manufactured by New Star are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for five (5) years from the date of invoice. New Star reserves the right to issue credit, repair or replace any defective material at our discretion upon notification and verification of the defect by our local representative and/or New Star employee. New Star reserves the right to require a physical examination and verification of the defective material and to deny this warranty if the material and/or product were damaged, installed improperly, altered or used for applications for which it was not intended. There is no labor reimbursement indicated to be part of New Star’s warranty. Labor back charges will not be honored without preapproval. Preapproved labor back charges will be accepted only with written approval at a mutually agreed upon dollar amount between New Star and the party involved.

    Additionally, LEDs and power regulation components will carry a warranty from New Star Lighting against defects that result in a fixture lumen depreciation of 30% or greater for a period of 5 years from invoice date*. LED Star Tiles will be warranted against defects and lumen depreciation of 30% or greater for a period of 5 years from the date of invoice*.  Lumen depreciation is compared to the published lumen output of the product on the date of manufacture per IESNA LM79-8 reporting procedures.  Normal accumulation of particles on the optical surfaces is not factored into the lumen depreciation.

    Extended warranties are available through the quotes department.

    All fluorescent ballasts are warranted for (3) three years from the date of invoice. All fluorescent ballast claims are to be handled directly with the ballast manufacturer.


    *Fixture must be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. Exclusions to the New Star Promise are gunfire and chemical reactions.

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