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    In 1971, business owner Paul Ohadi established “Paul D. Metals,” a metal fabrication shop in Chicago, to supply heavy-duty housings for lighting manufacturers in the industry. Sixteen years later, he purchased an established correctional lighting manufacturer, “Star Lighting”. The name of the company officially changed to “New Star Lighting” in 1989 and continued to produce products for the correctional market segment. In 2013, our current President and Owner, John Peña, joined the company and evolved the product offering into other markets including cleanroom, transportation, high abuse, healthcare, food processing, and other commercial markets. 

    Today, we are a distinguished lighting manufacturing company still proudly based in Chicago. With a history of over 30 years, we have solidified our position as a leading provider of high-quality luminaires for specific market segments. Recognizing that each project calls for a unique lighting solution, we leverage our expertise and creativity to offer unparalleled customization abilities. Collaborating closely with the design community, we manufacture luminaires that seamlessly integrate into the application. We are dedicated to excellence in every detail; we pride ourselves on craftsmanship in production, extending from metal fabrication to powder coat painting, grinding, and welding to assembly. This is all done within our state-of-the-art, vertically integrated seven-floor factory. Our unwavering commitment to maintaining complete control over the production process allows for exceptional quality and craftsmanship of every luminaire bearing our name.

    Our goal is to deliver innovative, high-quality lighting solutions that transcend expectations. We embrace technological advancements, materials, and design trends to create luminaires that illuminate spaces and captivate minds. By blending aesthetics with functionality, we provide cutting-edge products that elevate the built environment and enhance the well-being of those within it.

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    Our Staff

    John Peña, PhD


    773.847.1400 Ext 2003

    Colette Fleming

    Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing


    John Persky

    Vice President of Sales Operations


    Jeff Stano

    Vice President of Operations

    David Pinion

    Director of Sales


    Mary Minoff

    Regional Sales Manager


    Tricia McGrath

    Regional Sales Manager


    Zac Evans

    Regional Sales Manager


    Rosa Stotts

    Office & Procurement Manager

    773.847.1400 Ext 2000

    Christina Peña

    Marketing Manager

    773.847.1400 Ext 2075

    Rosario Saldivar

    Order Entry & Customer Service Manager

    773.847.1400 Ext 2002

    Juan Lopez

    Quotations Manager

    773.847.1400 Ext 2029

    Rolando Ayala

    Inside Sales/Tech Support

    773.847.1400 Ext 2006