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    The Gateway (GTW)

    The Gateway is a horizontal wall mount “over-the-door” luminaire suitable for indoor and exterior applications. The sleek appearance of the fixture creates an added visual appeal to any building facade.


    • Nominal sizes: 2ft & 4ft. Consult factory for custom sizes. 
    • Patent-Pending
    • Available in aluminum (standard), stainless steel and cold rolled steel 
    • Optional dimming, occupancy sensor, emergency battery pack, independent light engine operation 
    • Easy installation with a separate mounting bracket
    • Field adjustable optic
    • Lens is a frosted polycarbonate for maximum light distribution 
    • Optional locking mechanism to hold optic in place (field-adjustable)
    • Lumen packages:
    • 2ft: 970-1940lm
    • 4ft: 1940-3800lm