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    Welcome Colette Fleming

    We are delighted to share a significant advancement in the growth of New Star Lighting as we warmly welcome Colette Fleming to our leadership team as the Vice President of New Business Development.

    With an extensive background spanning 28 years in driving business growth and fostering strong client relationships, Colette brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization. Her industry expertise aligns seamlessly with our long-term goals and commitment to providing top-notch lighting solutions across various sectors.

    As Vice President of New Business Development, Colette will drive innovation in product design and development, explore opportunities for market expansion, and lead initiatives to cultivate strategic partnerships.

    Colette has undertaken diverse leadership roles throughout her illustrious career in the lighting industry, amassing extensive experience with prominent lighting manufacturers. As Director of Sales at Axis Lighting, she played a pivotal role in the conception and development of their healthcare line, BalancedCare™. Prior to Axis Lighting, Colette adeptly managed the Custom division for Winona Lighting. She also spent 12 years at Kenall Lighting in various positions, ranging from Regional Sales Manager across many territories to Manager of Segment Marketing for their Healthcare offering. In her most recent capacity, she assumed the role of Vice President of Specification Sales for the Chicago start-up agency, The Lighting Digest. Her previous positions underscore her profound comprehension of the industry, and our products specifically.

    Given her dynamic and notable expertise, we are confident Colette will prove to be a valuable asset to our team and are pleased to welcome her to New Star Lighting! Colette can be contacted via email at [email protected] or at 847.644.2713.