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    AuraMed Series LED

    AAS12, AAS14, AAS22, AAS24, AAG12, AAG14, AAG22, AAG24, AAF12, AAF14, AAF22, AAF24

    The AuraMed Series consists of glare-free indirect fixtures designed for applications which employ laminar or turbulent cleanroom airflow and areas where clean is critical.


    Common Areas
    Common AreasCorridors/Stairwells
    Common AreasExamination Rooms
    Common AreasHealthcare
    Common AreasLobbies/Waiting Rooms
    Common AreasPatient Rooms
    Common AreasSkilled Nursing


    Spec Sheet IES File Revit File Installation
    AAS12 Download AAS12 spec-sheet
    AAS14 Download AAS14 spec-sheet
    AAS22 Download AAS22 spec-sheet
    AAS24 Download AAS24 spec-sheet
    AAG12 Download AAG12 spec-sheet
    AAG14 Download AAG14 spec-sheet
    AAG22 Download AAG22 spec-sheet
    AAG24 Download AAG24 spec-sheet
    AAF12 Download AAF12 spec-sheet
    AAF14 Download AAF14 spec-sheet
    AAF22 Download AAF22 spec-sheet
    AAF24 Download AAF24 spec-sheet