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    StarClean Vivarium Series

    SCR12, SCS12, SCR14, SCS14, SCR22, SCS22, SCR24, SCS24

    The New Star StarClean Vivarium Series is an effective solution for the successful maintenance of night visual conditions needed in Vivariums. Optional Red LED boards for full color vivarium settings or a mix of White and Red LED boards available.


    Animal Research Labs
    Animal Research LabsCleanroom
    Animal Research LabsLaboratories
    Animal Research LabsVivariums


    Spec Sheet IES File Revit File Installation
    SCR12 Download SCR12 spec-sheet
    SCS12 Download SCS12 spec-sheet
    SCR14 Download SCR14 spec-sheet
    SCS14 Download SCS14 spec-sheet
    SCR22 Download SCR22 spec-sheet
    SCS22 Download SCS22 spec-sheet
    SCR24 Download SCR24 spec-sheet
    SCS24 Download SCS24 spec-sheet