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    AuraMed Classic Multi-Function High Abuse Series

    AATH14, AATH22, AATH24

    The AuraMed Classic Multi-Function High Abuse Series is specifically crafted to be utilized in areas where there is a risk of vandalism or ligature The fixture provides ambient, exam, and reading illumination suitable for Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Patient Room settings, and more.


    Patient RoomsBehavioral Health
    Patient RoomsCleanroom
    Patient RoomsHealthcare
    Patient RoomsPatient Rooms


    Spec Sheet IES File Revit File Installation
    AATH14, AATH22, AATH24 Download AATH14, AATH22, AATH24 spec-sheet Download AATH14, AATH22, AATH24 ies-file Download AATH14, AATH22, AATH24 installation-file