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    AuraMed Contempo

    AAO11, AAO12, AAO14, AAO22, AAO24

    New Star Lighting’s AuraMed Contempo (AAO) Series is an open basket fixture for general ambient lighting. It combines simple aesthetic with even illumination that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.


      • Intended for Healthcare Settings, Commercial Settings, Office Spaces, Schools/Universities, and more
      • Available in a variety of sizes from a 1×1 to a 2×4
      • Provides up to 12,000lm
      • Even illumination with multiple color temperatures
      • Provides glare-free ambient lighting with high output
      • Grid installation with optional flange kit
      • This product was Made in America and complies with the Buy American Act requirements

    The AuraMed Contempo is also available for MRI Suites (AAOM) and with Multi-Function circuiting for patient rooms (AAOH).


    Office SpaceCommercial
    Office SpaceHealthcare
    Office SpaceLobbies/Waiting Rooms
    Office SpaceOffice Space


    Spec Sheet IES File Revit File Installation
    AAO11, AAO12, AAO14, AAO22, AAO24 Download AAO11, AAO12, AAO14, AAO22, AAO24 spec-sheet Download AAO11, AAO12, AAO14, AAO22, AAO24 ies-file